Myrtle Beach Room Escape Games

  Will You Escape?


Escape rooms are fun, real-life adventure games that create memories and foster teamwork with friends, families, corporations and events.

The mission is to “escape” from a room by solving puzzles, manipulating objects, and searching for hidden clues along the way. Must solve within 60 minutes……..

The Theater Room Escape Game

The Witch’s Castle – New!

Can you think like a Wizard? Can you escape the Witch’s castle?
You have 20 minutes to prove that you match the Magical power and the wit of Harry.

Price: $10/person            Time: 20 min                 Persons: 2 max   Book Now
The Theater Room Escape Game

The Mummy – Mini Escape Room

You are on vacation and lost from your group. Next thing you know, you are trapped in a tomb. You have 30 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape the mummies.

Price: $15/person            Time: 30 min                 Persons: 5 max   Book Now
The Theater Room Escape Game

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape

Are you ready to take a magical adventure to the Wonderful Land of Oz? Based exclusively upon the 1900 L. Frank Baum novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” – prepare to fight the evil witch, solve puzzles and clues that helps Dorothy find her way back to Kansas. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape features amazing special FX, Hollywood detail, encounters with the Evil Witch, Wizard, Tin Man, and more. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape is by far the best escape room in Myrtle Beach with lifelike CGI FX putting you face to face with the Evil Witch, Munchkins, and the Wizard himself. Can you find your way back to Kansas inside The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Escape based on the book?

Price: $30/person            Time: 60 min                 Persons: 10 max    Book Now

Walking Dead – Road to Survive

The Walking dead are surrounded by your safe house, but you are critically low on supplies, the only way to survive is to risk the walkers and save your group. Who will overcome the fear and do what must be done.

Price: $30/person            Time: 60 min                 Persons: 10 max    Book Now

Jailbreak – The most fun in Myrtle Beach!

Ultimate fun, the best room escape game in Myrtle Beach.
You have 60 minutes to escape the jail cell on the 2nd floor through tunnels, different rooms and laser beams while the guards are searching for you and shooting at you.

Price: $30/person            Time: 60 min                 Persons: 10 max    Book Now

HiJacked – Can you escape before you crash?

Your plane has been hijacked. The Captain is asking for your help. You have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles for a safe landing. It’s up to you to bring the plane home safely.

Price: $30/person            Time: 60 min            Persons: 16 max – 4 min   Book Now

 Company Team Building

 For companies that want to build their team’s strength and success, Race To Escape Myrtle Beach is a one-stop, fun and challenging place.These escape games provide managers, sales and marketing teams the best way to test their teams, and give them a chance to work together.

Family and Friends

Everything you need to have fun in Myrtle Beach. Have fun with your family and friends by taking the challenge of escaping our clever room escape games.

Gamers and Parties

Celebrate any event at The Race to Escape room escape games if you would like to have fun by doing something new. Show your fiends your an exciting time! Bring your gaming skills to a real live event, you really have to escape, no extra time, no help from your phone, just like in real life. Escape the room if you can.

Escape in Myrtle Beach!

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Myrtle Beach’s room escape games are a fantastic way to test your puzzle solving skills and have fun . The experience provides thought provoking situations and requires cooperation in order to ESCAPE!

You have 60 minutes!

An unforgettable thrill for friends, couples, families, birthday parties and corporate team building events.

There is nothing virtual about this real-life room escape game. You’re trapped in a room and your adrenaline is surging. Teamwork and sharp wits will help you solve puzzles and regain your freedom.

Private parties and catering available.

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Each room has a unique play style. Every room provides challenges and fun for all ages and groups.

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